A Guide to Growing Grape Hyacinth

The grape hyacinth is aptly named: its blooms look like lots of small grapes, whilst also resembling the overall shape of the traditional hyacinth. It is an easy flower to grow in locations around the garden, from borders to planters, and it isn’t especially fussy about soil either. It will grow well in any kind of soil that is relatively well draining and gives it enough nutrients.

Grape hyacinths are small and only grow to a maximum of about 8 inches in height, so you should be careful not to plant them somewhere too shady. Make sure they will get plenty of natural daylight and give them space to grow. It also might be a good idea to plant them away from other plants and flowers because they can spread very quickly, invading the space of others. This is also why people often grow them in pots, or let them naturalise in a lawn.