Best Herbs to Grow in a Window Box

Instead of always having to buy fresh herbs from the shop, one excellent option is creating your own window box herb planter. Having your own fresh herbs to hand can be incredibly convenient and satisfying. Another benefit of a window box of herbs is that you do not even need to have a garden or use up any of your garden space for an herb patch. Many herbs are quite hardy and low-maintenance.

The Best Window Box Herbs

1. Cilantro- great for salsas, meats, pasta and stews or soups
2. Basil- excellent for pasta, pesto, salads and cocktails
3. Chives- yummy in dips, omelettes, jacket potatoes and seafood
4. Rosemary- fantastic for chicken, steak, fish or mushrooms
5. Mint- very good for soups, cocktails, curry and fruit

Having these lovely herbs to hand means that you will always have fresh ingredients to help flavour your cooking. Bees and butterflies also enjoy these plants, so you will also get the joy of knowing you are helping pollinators.