Can you Enjoy a Garden Room All Year Round?

Sometimes, people assume that a garden room like a conservatory or orangery is purely seasonal. This is a long way from the truth – there is so much that you can do with these rooms throughout the year. It would be a real shame to limit their use to certain times of the year and they should be treated as somewhere to give you that much-coveted extra space. If you want some ideas for making your garden room more versatile throughout the seasons, read on:

  • Choose a neutral decorating scheme. If you select wicker furniture that feels summery, you will be limiting the usefulness of your room. You can choose sofas and armchairs that feel more substantial and will make the room feel like a part of your home, rather than just a place to enjoy some sun.
  • Give the room a purpose. Whether you buy some board games, a large bookcase to increase your book collection or some exercise equipment, it will help to establish your conservatory as a central part of your home.
  • Use the room for entertaining. Set it up with everything you need, including a table and chairs for more formal dining, as well as comfier seats and coffee tables for a more relaxed and casual drink. You could even invest in a proper drinks cabinet and a mini fridge to impress you friends by mixing them drinks right in front of them.
  • Treat it as a place to relax and enjoy. Retreat to your garden room with a good book and a glass of wine, sit back, and enjoy the beautiful view.

You see, a conservatory, orangery or glass room can bring you and your family so much joy all year round. Don’t limit its use to the summer. Install some blinds, get some heating, and in no time at all you will have a flexible room that everybody will love being in.