Five Fragrant UK Climbers

For a truly classic and romantic look in your garden or home exterior, climbing plants are great for creating that extra special ambiance. To ensure your climbing plants have that little bit extra, you can use plants that are known for their fragrant aromas.

Five Fragrant Climbers

1. True jasmine: is a deciduous climber with white scented flowers which is quite hardy and does well in a sheltered position in full sun.

2. Downy Clematis: is a beautiful early bloomer which exhibits large exotic-looking flowers with several colour variations. Best in north facing gardens.

3. Japanese wisteria- a truly opulent vine that produces grape-like clusters of flower racemes, that drape down beautifully. This plant needs lots of space and pruning twice a year to improve blooming and to keep from getting out of hand.

4. Climbing roses- there are many varieties of climbing roses to choose from and they need deadheaded throughout summer to increase blooms. They can also be pruned in late winter.

5. Sweet peas- will need to be sown under cover from February and brought out after the last frost. They will keep producing til Autumn if you pick the dead flowers off.

These five beautiful, scented climbing plants will add beauty and fragrance to your garden.