How to bring dying plants back to life

Have you come across a less than happy plant in your garden?

A plants life can fluctuate if it is getting too much or too little of the vital life lines it needs to thrive. But most plants can easily be brought back to life using a few simple remedies to restore its natural balance.

Check out these common symptoms of dying plants and the solutions to revive it.

Symptoms – wilted, brown or yellow leaves, moist soil – these could be a sign of over-watering. Solution – keep out of direct sun and lightly water – re-pot if possible.

Symptoms – dry brown leaves, dry or hard soil, drooping leaver – these could be a sign of dehydration. Solution – place your plant in a humid area if possible or keep out of direct sun and lightly water.

Symptoms – dark or bleached patches, dried out leaves – these could be a sign you plant is getting too much sun. Solution – provide shade and water well.

Symptoms – small leaves, weak stems, stunted grown – these could be a sign that your plant is not getting enough sun. Solution – move to a sunny location if possible or add light coloured gravel to reflect light.