Recycled Plastic Garden Furniture

Today more and more people are thinking about eco-friendly options within their homes, from upcycled furniture to solar panels to produce their own electricity.  But what about your garden furniture? There is now a very healthy market for recycled plastic garden furniture, which is available from many well-known retailers. 

Every year we produce a lot of plastic waste, so save it from landfills. Companies are turning it into garden furniture that looks the same as their timber counterparts.

The process to make plastic furniture uses less energy and water than making a timber one.  So not only are you helping the planet by stopping plastic from ending up in landfills, but you are also helping with environmental pollution.

Typically the plastic used to make the furniture is water bottles, plastic bags and bottle lids.

Plastic does not rot and is resistant to algae and bacteria, and most manufacturers put a 25-year warranty on their products.