Signs your plant needs repotting

Often when growing plants, the growth cycle will start in a small pot which you will then move to a larger pot as it grows. There are a few signs that your plant is ready to move into a larger pot but what are they?

1. The most obvious sign is the if you see roots coming through the drain holes at the bottom of your pot. You should be able to hold the stem of your plant and pull it out of the pot if you see lots of roots at the bottom this is a sure sign its ready to move to the next size pot.

2. Another sign that your plant needs to move space is if it is very thirsty. If your plant starts looking dehydrated or starts wilting despite frequent watering then this could be a sign it needs a larger home. Ensure you water your plant the day before moving it to reduce stress on the roots.

Once you notice that your plant is ready to be placed into a bigger home it is important to make the move as soon as possible. Plants that are left in a pot too small to accommodate them will eventually die as they will not be able to absorb water or nutrients.