Things to Avoid Putting in Your Compost

Creating your own compost is a great way to reduce your waste and save money at the same time. However, there are a few things that may seem ok to compost that you should actually avoid.

-Coal or Charcoal ashes can contain toxic materials that could harm your plants (wood ashes are fine).
-Walnuts also contain a chemical that could be harmful to other plants and does not break down (juglone).
-Cat and Dog waste should be avoided as it could contain dangerous diseases that could be spread to humans.
-Coloured paper could contain toxic dyes and should not be composted, unlike regular paper.
-Limes should not be composted because their pH is alkaline and could kill the microorganisms in your compost.
-Bird droppings (excluding chickens) can be added but could possibly contain weed seeds or disease, so use caution.
-Some food items can be composted but are not recommended due to the amount of time it takes them to break down or could attract pests, such as: meat, onion peels, citrus peels, grease, bones, or dairy products.

Most other food waste, garden waste, coffee grounds and coffee filters, paper, cardboard, hair or nail clippings and much more can be added to your compost. Just remember, that the smaller these items are, the easier it will be for them to break down.