All You Need To Know About Hyacinths Bulbs

Commercially prepared bulbs allow us to enjoy hyacinths out of season. Hyacinths usually bloom in the spring, but special procedures, such as early ascent and exposure to artificially high and low temperatures, mean that they will bloom early in the winter. When choosing Hyacinths bulbs, make sure that you, but only those that are indicated as prepared for the forcing, and remember that you need to allow about three months between planting and blooming of the compulsory hyacinth.

Forcing there are several varieties, all of which are derived from Orientals species. Enn Mari – a light pink, pink jewel – a slightly deeper shade of pink, Bismarck – blue, lilac blue – more porcelain blue, innocence – white, yang boss – carmine red, and the city of Haarlem – lemon yellow. They are all fragrant. Almost all containers can be used for hyacinths, which easily adapt to small rooting conditions.

For general purposes, however, select a container with a depth of at least 3 inches. Perfect terracotta pots, a small galvanized bucket, porcelain bowl or even a vase. Hyacinths can be grown on water or on composting or soil mixtures. To grow them on compost, apply a layer of sand to the bottom of the container and add some moistened inner fibre of the flask.

So, how to grow hyacinths so that they blossom freely indoors, at a time when you want them?

As a rule, two autumn types of hyacinths are available and prepared and unprepared. If you want to grow your hyacinths indoors, I would advise you to spend a little more and invest in the prepared variety.

Once you have bought your Hyacinths bulbs, bring them home, and if you can not immediately plant them, place them in a dry, cold, dark place so that they are fresh. When it comes to planting, the bulbs do not require too much space so that you can plant the number in a fairly small pot. Use the usual compost-free peat and plant them so that the crown of the bulb is simply dried through the soil.

Real magic, although this is what happens after you plant them. What you want to do is pour the compost, and then put the pot somewhere dark and cold, but frost-free. In the garage or shed is perfect. And here they will sit for a few months. All you need to do is ensure that the compost remains moist.

Usually, around Christmas, you can see an inch or two of leaves growing out of the top of the hyacinth lamps, and it’s time to act. Bring the pots inside and place them somewhere warm and bright – the sill perfectly fits the south, and in a week or two they will explode in bloom.

Plant the bulbs on top, but only the bottom half of the bulb, sitting in the compost and put the top half. Arrange them so that the bulbs do not touch each other or the sides of the container and do not force them to have about half their width. Add grain, gravel, and moss on the compost to retain moisture, and place the container in a cool, dark place for eight and ten weeks while the bulbs are not made good root growth.