The Benefits of Vertical Gardening

One unique, growing trend is vertical gardening. Vertical gardening has many benefits, the biggest one being that you are saving space! This can be very handy if you have a small garden or live in a flat with a balcony. You can still arrange several types of plants vertically to ensure plant diversity. Another advantage is when plants are off the ground, they are less likely to be damaged by pests and plants grown in a vertical garden are easier to maintain.

Not allowing limited space, stop you from growing plants, is also beneficial to your health, as vertical gardens can help pull pollutants from the air so that the air around you is cleaner. Not to mention, if growing a ‘living wall’, it can help insulate your home from noise and heat whilst the transpiration of the plants gives off a cooling environment.

The presence of plants has many benefits both physical and mental, so if you are limited on space, consider growing a vertical garden.