Garden Gravel

Having a gravel area in part of all of your garden is a low maintenance option and can look amazing if done correctly but there are a few things to consider before you decide to gravel your garden.

– You will need to think about if your garden is suitable first, although any area can be graveled it is more suited to a sunny well-drained area. and whilst you can place gravel on any surface a sandy or gravelly soil will be a better surface.

– You will need to consider the type and size of gravel also. You can get fine grade gravel or thicker types which are 20mm or more. Medium-sized gravel is easier to walk on than smaller gravel types so this is usually a better option for gardens.

– If you have cats regularly visit your garden the smaller gravel types will be inviting them to use your garden as a big litter tray – larger types of gravel can deter this.